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Vectory – Automatic raster to vector conversion software

Vectory is a platform for the automatic raster to vector conversion. It contains a full set of technologies to convert scanned color, grayscale and monochrome images to accurate CAD/GIS drawings. Vectory has direct interfaces for wide format scanners and the TWAIN-driver, corrects retrieved raster, removes linear and non-linear image distortions using the calibration procedure, converts raster graphics to vector format automatically, makes post-conversion correction of vector objects, creates and edits vector objects, and prints the results or saves them in DXF or DWG format files. Vectory transforms to vector either the whole raster image or a selected part of it. Fine-tuning of the recognition parameters can be done manually or by using pre-sets (recognition templates). Automatic raster to vector conversion of color images has become reality. Vectory splitting a source color image into separate monochrome layers and then changes them to vectors one by one. Vectory identifies lines, arcs, circles, polylines, outlines, texts, symbols, and hatches. Such entity properties as width, line type, size arrows are also conserved. Automatic correction of vector drawings is provided: joining the ends of contour objects, line orthogonalization to a definite direction, rounding objects width to specified values. Users can choose to place objects with diverse widths onto different vector layers, and to highlight them with a selected color. The resulting vector drawing will be of a great quality. In most cases only nominal manual improvement is required.

  • Ultimate image processing toolset
  • Automatic raster to vector conversion
  • Look and feel of a 2D CAD
  • Application
  • Text recognition
  • Direct support of wide-format Scanners

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