SmartLF SGi

Reliable & flexible SmartLFSGi series 36″ and 44″ scanners, winner of the SGIA 2015 Large Format Scanner of the Year and nominee for Wide Format Imaging’s 2016 Scanner of the Year. SmartLFSCi scanners have a large, easy-to use staging platform that accepts documents for scanning face-upwards. Specifically designed to auto-detect the size of documents placed in the center of the scanner, documents can be loaded and prepared for scanning in just a few seconds.
Sharp and accurate – with superb color: The SmartLFSGi series 36″ and 44″ scanners are perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical drawings and maps as well as the vibrant, accurate colors needed by graphics professionals.

SmartLFSGi series large format scanners have all the advantages of CCD technology’s superior color imaging – the ability to scan a wide gamut (range of colours) and a high dynamic range (ability to see detail in dark and light areas) – combined with 1200 dpi optical resolution, the highest optical resolution available in any CCD wide format scanner in the market today. This makes them perfect for capturing vibrant, accurate colors for graphics professionals as well as sharply defined line detail on technical documents and maps.

All the benefits of CCD
without the downsides:Traditional CCD scanners have superior color imaging but are disadvantaged by their fluorescent lighting systems. By using white LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes, the SmartLFSGi is able to maximize the benefits of CCD while saving time and energy.

NEW SmartWorks Imaging
Optimized all the way through, SmartWorks Imaging is clearer and easier to navigate than SmartWorks Pro. With a faster performance, revised preset control, better printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature, SmartWorks Imaging is the perfect productivity partner for SmartLFSCi and SmartLFSGi large format scanners.

NEW LINK Remote Control
Work smarter with LINK. This portable tablet app works with any computer already connected to the scanner and running SmartWorks Imaging to bring effortless control of the scanner to your fingertips. Use LINK to reduce body movement and to improve operator comfort while scanning.

Simplified thick media system
Thick media operation is now full-time on all SGi series scanners. To raise the lid and increase the thickness capability of the scanner raise the lever on the left-hand side of the scanner lid to its maximum position then load the document manually.Lower the lever to grip the media and begin scanning. All media must be loaded panel-side justified with SGi.

ClearView white LED illumination used in SmartLFSGi produces high quality scans just like fluorescent illumination but unlike fluorescent tubes the color temperature from LEDs remains stable from first power-up to final power-down. No more waiting for warm-up to complete, simply turn SGi scanners on and scan!

  • 2GB scan data memory
  • No warm Up, no Waiting
  • Significant power saving
  • Light for life
  • Less calibration
  • No mercury

More cameras – more accuracy: The SmartLFSGi has six CCDs across the scan width to minimize geometric distortion, more than any other similarly sized scanner. Traditional CCD scanners are prone to stitch and accuracy issues caused by sensor misalignment. These are minimized in the SmartLFSGi by housing the six CCDs within a rigid monocoque camera chassis.

High productivity

  • Fast scanning speed
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • “Scan-it-once” philosophy
  • Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT)

Preserves delicate originals
The SmartLFSGi SureDrive paper transport system applies the minimum force necessary for preserving delicate originals, while achieving the required traction and accuracy to ensure images are sharp and shadow free.

  • Professional-level scan and copying software
  • Simple scanner control panel interface
  • Plug ‘n’ Play USB 2.0 /USB 3.0 and Ethernet interfaces

Low maintenance
SmartLFSGi requires minimal service and calibration. The utility software included with it provides you with all the maintenance applications you need to keep your large format scanner in prime condition and up-to-date with the latest firmware and drivers. The scan glass is held down by magnets for quick and easy removal or replacement and there is easy access to the SmartLFSGi’s paper feed for cleaning.

Environmentally friendly
SmartLFSGi wide format scanner is RoHS compliant; energy efficient (it has earned the ENERGY STAR®); does not use consumable fluorescent lamps which contain mercury; uses recycle friendly components; and is optimized for quiet operation.

The SmartLFSGi large format scanner is available in three models: m (monochrome), c (color) and e (enhanced color).

If your initial requirement is for a monochrome wide format scanner only, you can buy a monochrome scanner now and upgrade to color if and when you need it. If your initial requirement is for infrequent color scanning, you can buy a color wide format scanner now and upgrade to a faster enhanced color model should your color scanning volume increase.


  • SmartWorks Imaging Professional scanning software – NEW
  • LINK remote control app/utility – NEW
  • NEW simple-to-use thick media system
  • Colortrac no-nonsense, high-performance, value-for-money large format scanning expertise


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